"I have personally attended Ms Ju Li's Professional Development classes, workshops, and seminars. They have helped me understand my students better. The strategies recommended were doable and useful. She did an emotional literacy programme with our Elementary School students and was able to bring down the content to the students' level. The activities have definitely left an impact on the kids as we did hear from surprised parents after the programme, on how their children have explained what they have learnt and even tried to apply them at home."

JuErin Tan
4 May 2020
"Seed Connections provides children the opportunity to explore their emotions and behaviors through play. Ms Ju Li’s ability to connect and help children through play is an admirable skill."
Annabelle Wong
11 March 2020
"Thank you Ms Ju Li for your patience, knowledge and love for people. Your passion and dedication towards helping people is truly admirable. Knowing we have you and SEED Connections really bring assurance and relief to many especially parents to young children. Thank you again."
Michelle Ong-Lim
10 March 2020
"I highly recommended Ms Juli!!! she is passionate and professional in therapeutic play. Seed connections the best place for your kid!"
10 March 2020
"I highly recommend Ms Ju Li as she is a passionate developmental psychologist who goes beyond by specializing in therapeutic play to get to the root of the issues facing our children and youth. Ms Ju Li is a friend to all children, youths and adults in that she engages each with not just her knowledge and experience but also her heart. I have personally been enriched, enlightened and empowered with good and effective strategies through Ms Ju Li’s seminars and workshops to be a friend to those I come across daily. Still putting them to good use daily as I see children and youth from a different lens because of Ms Ju Li."
Pamela KV Sim
10 March 2020
"Ms Ju Li is a dedicated, approachable and committed psychologist. Her passion in helping schools and families to understand emotional and social development of children is truly commendable. Through her seminars and workshops, we've gained alot of useful insights into why children react they way they do and how to help them when they face challenges. We look forward to continued support and partnership with Seed Connections. Thank you, Ms Ju Li."
Ingeldeep Kaur
8 March 2020
"Highly recommend this center to all needed out there. Ms Juli is very passionate at her profession and has given many students of mine opportunities to further their learning despite of the imperfections. Thank you SEED Connections."
Phua Puihun
8 March 2020
"A centre that provides a diverse array of ways to seek counselling, consultation and assessments for all needs. Ms Ju Li is the one who will make the difference, from the therapeutic sand play methods to the unbelievably affordable prices. Seed Connections is a warm and safe space for all community members."
Dareen Chiba Ar-Rushdi
8 March 2020
"I’ve known Miss Ju Li for awhile now! She definitely knows her stuff. Her heart to help people astounds me. Seed Connections is truly a respectable place with genuine people. Go Seed Connections!"
Ashley Atkinson Ramma
8 March 2020