Education & Professional License / Accreditation

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education (HONS)

My Journey As An Educator...

Growing up, my favourite childhood game was “school” where my siblings would act as students while I was the teacher. I did not know it then, but it eventually led me to pursue a career in teaching. My experience of working as an assistant teacher in preschool before enrolling in university has become extremely influential in my journey to become an educator. The time spent in classroom with the students confirmed my passion for education and the desire I have in striving to make positive impacts on my students.


Throughout my university years of completing the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education in UTAR, I never stopped seeking opportunities to work with young children as I wanted to expand my vision in the education field. I was able to gain experience in handling the whole class as large group, providing guidance to small groups of students, and interacting with them individually.


I pursue my career as an educator after completing my bachelor’s (degree) program by continue working closely with young children age from 3 years old, supporting my students through discovering their learning styles, designing creative and fun activities to ensure each student’s developmental and academic needs are met. I also strive to provide different educational experiences for them to develop holistically by integrating the 5 developmental domains (Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional, and Social), setting developmentally appropriate goals, and building a child-centered atmosphere in the classroom.


I believe each child develops, grows, and learns at his/ her own pace through their play. Children are always curious, full of wonder and need to explore to learn about the world. Therefore, as an early intervention educator, I focus on providing endless opportunities for young children to discover and experience things with their senses, bringing classroom to life so they can learn the best through first-hand experiences.

My aspirations and ultimate goals as an educator are to support children of all learning styles and skill levels, to inspire them learning at their highest potential levels, and to make positive changes and transformation in children’s life.


Mandarin, English, Malay (Basic)