Trainee Clinical Psychologist

Masters in Clinical Psychology (UCSI)
Bachelor of Psychology (HONS) (UCSI)

My Journey As A Clinical Psychologist...

Hi! This is Linyee here. I am currently pursuing my Master of Clinical Psychology at UCSI University. 


I interned at UCSI University, Dignity for Children Foundation and Impian Therapy Center. I have experience of conducting psychological assessments, developing psychological formulations and planning interventions according to each client’s case. Besides that, I worked with adult populations with issues such as depression, suicidal ideations, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, mood swings, procrastination, etc. For child populations, I worked with issues such as autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, global developmental delay, specific learning difficulties, suicidal ideations, etc. Additionally, I have also liaised with others, such as parents, teachers, the welfare team, occupational therapists, and speech therapists, in the care provided to clients.


Many of us find it difficult to ask for help when we are struggling with life. Our thoughts and feelings need connection and compassion. Always remember that we are loved and healing is possible. Never hesitate to reach out for support whenever you need it.


As a clinical psychology trainee, I investigate human behaviour by using scientific methods to improve people’s mental health. I aim to create a safe environment for the clients to work together on their concerns.


Mandarin, English, Hokkien