Trainee Clinical Psychologist

Masters in Clinical Psychology (UCSI)
Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) in Psychology(TARUC)

My Journey To Be A Clinical Pschologist...

I am a clinical psychology trainee from UCSI University Malaysia. I hold a Bachelor (Hons) in Social Science (Psychology) and is currently pursuing my Master in Clinical Psychology. I work closely with adults and adolescents who are concerning about their psychological wellbeing. 


As for my volunteering experiences, I am currently attached to Aloe Mind which I provide mental health services to the public with charges. I received around 20 clients while I am working under the platform. Also, my previous external placement was working with Atfal Jannah, a psychological center for special needs children. I practiced ABA therapy during my placement with Atfal Jannah.


My key areas of interest include interpersonal/relationship issues, mood disorders, trauma-related issues, and emotional difficulties.

I believe that by focusing on here and now, individuals will have the power to change their life quality. I am also aiming to create a safe and secure environment for the individuals to express their feelings and thoughts. By exploring individuals’ strengths and areas of improvement, therapies and plans could be aid to the issues and concerns of the individual.



Mandarin, English, Hokkien