Trainee Counsellor

Master in Counselling, HELP University

Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), HELP University

Professional Statement

My journey into mental health began with my curiosity about human behaviours and dynamics, especially within relationships. What began as a curiosity fuel into passion through my exposure from working with Focus on the Family organizing marriage and family relationship bonding programs, as well as through volunteering as a recovery support buddy at an addiction rehabilitation center. The exposures opened my eyes to realise the power of being heard and understood, and the importance to be empowered at both individual level and family system level.

The passion towards understanding human hearts, further drove me to pursue Masters in Counselling after completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology at HELP University. During my practicum, I have worked with individuals undergoing depression, anxiety, grief, trauma-related experiences, stress management issues, relationship betrayals and other relationship difficulties. I also had experience conducting group counselling with teenagers and university students struggling with self-esteem and those facing career uncertainties.

In terms of therapy approach, I mostly employ cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), choice-theory-reality therapy (CTRT), and family systems approach. Occasionally, I utilize art therapy approaches as I believed that the process of art creation promotes mindful attention to one’s emotion and aids individuals in their capacity to recognize and regulate their emotions.

Currently, I am interning as a trainee counsellor and my areas of interest include working with individuals going through grief, anxiety, depression, and coping with trauma-related stress, and couple and family relationship difficulties.

Counselling is a process that can be frightening as it involves confronting thoughts and emotions that one may be avoiding or may have numbed. But the same process can also be an invigorating and refreshing journey when we allow ourselves to trust the process; allowing things to unfold as needed in their own time and noticing the growths and healing that will bloom along the way.



English, Mandarin