Clinical Psychologist

M.H.Sc. Psychology, Clinical & Counsellor (IIUM)

Bachelor of Food Science & Nutrition (Hons) (UKM)

My Journey As A Clinical Psychologist...

Alex Lui An Lieh completed his postgraduate training in Clinical Psychology from the International Islamic University Malaysia and is a member of the Malaysian Society of Clinical Psychology. He lectures part-time at HELP University, where he was former Head of the Department of Psychology. His areas of interest and expertise include mental health, neuropsychology, and human development.

Words can hurt, but also heal. With words, we have the power to harm, but also help. Words create bonds and attachments, but they also destroy relationships. The power of words come from what meaning we give to them. In therapy, we learn to use our thoughts to control the meaning we give to words we remember from long ago and even words that are yet to be spoken. Let us be mindful of what we say to ourselves because, who knows, we may be listening…


English, Mandarin (Basic)